Digital Boost

Supporting the digitalisation of small businesses.

Digital Boost and The Digital Facilitation Scheme

The Digital Facilitation Scheme provides businesses across the country with the opportunity to complete the Government funded Digital Boost programme through a facilitated format.
The Digital Boost programme was designed in partnership with industry experts and small businesses to facilitate the Government’s vision for New Zealand to have the most digitally engaged small business sector in the world. Through Digital Boost Educate, small business owners have access to a variety of resources to help them build knowledge, skills, confidence, and trust in digital business tools, and help them adopt those tools within their own business models.

Regional entities around New Zealand; such as Development West Coast have been connecting intermediaries with funding to support this initiative.
Business intermediaries are funded by MBIE to encourage digital training and adoption while supporting the effective use of The Digital Boost Educate platform in a way that allows small business owners to use the learnt skills in their own businesses.