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Q: I haven’t purchased a domain name for my business, I’m not ready for a website but should I buy a domain?

A: Yes! It’s a great idea to grab a domain name when you first start your business to avoid missing out on the name you want. Domain names can be used for more than just a website, you can use them to setup business email too. A domain based email is a must for businesses, its more professional and trust worthy.

Digital Boost information on Domains can be found here:

Checkout the learning guide for some links to reputable places to purchase domain names. I recommend buying from a known NZ-based company.

Q: My business doesn’t show up when I Google it, Why?! Help!

A: Do you have a website? If so you need to check it has been indexed. If you dont have a website there are other ways to create listings. Google My Business listings and social profiles are great places to start.

Q: How do a delete Google reviews?

A: Short answer… you can’t. Google reviews can’t be deleted, if they are fake or inappropriate you can request Google remove it, but you can’t just delete something because you don’t like it. Bad reviews can happen from time to time so to keep your rating up – ask some happy to customers to leave a good review!

Q: I stock a few products in my business. I sell them to clients when they come for appointments. I want to sell them online too, how should I do that?

A: Selling online seems like a no brainer – more exposure = more sales right! Yes and no. To successfully sell online you need to have a few things sorted: a payment processor, inventory control etc. There are transaction fees, potentially both ways if you sell something and then have to refund due to stock issues. How will you ship the product? This all adds up. So before you jump into e-commerce take some time to learn about the options, and ask yourself will my turnover justify the cost and effort?  There may be other more suited options such as emailing upsells to your existing clients.


Q: Should I be running google ads instead of paying for printed ads.

A:  Maybe – but that depends on your target audience. If it is mainly the local market, is online the best place to target them? Also are you capable of creating the required content for online ads. They are usually video or image based. Take a look at the digital campaigns section on Digital Boost to see if you think you are up to the process. If not an agency may be able to help.


Q: My IT company is trying to sell me a 2-factor authentication software, do I need this? 

A:  2-factor authentication is becoming standard/ required for a lot of businesses. I would recommend using it also. But you may not need to purchase any additional software – that depends on your organisation setup and what you are securing. Both Microsoft and Google have authenticator apps for example – take some time to research 2FA and then you can have an informed conversation about the different options to implement it in your business.

Q: I want to start a website for my business what platform do you recommend?

A: I’m a WordPress Gal myself. It’s super flexible, can grow and change with your business and is open source which can keep costs down if you are savvy with hosting plans etc. It can be a bit overwhelming to set up though – but you can get help with just the setup and then it behaves much like any other subscription service. That being said there are some subscription services that make more sense for people such as Shopify for small scale Ecommerce. Easy setup and great integrations. So my recommendation would be to do some research and consult a pro about the best option for your business, it’s much easier and less costly to start on a platform that meets your now and future needs than it is to chop and change and start over when you hit a snag.